Messages of the Universal House of Justice

21 March 2012 Message





Naw-Rúz 2012




To the followers of Bahá’u’lláh in Iran


On the occasion of the festival of Naw-Rúz, with hearts brimming with love and affection, we send our warmest greetings to you, the sincere lovers of the All-Merciful, and to all the pure-hearted people of Iran.  The season of spring is, according to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, an outward symbol of the spiritual springtime.  Just as the advent of spring bestows new life and freshness upon the world of nature, so too, in this new age of the spirit, the rays of the divine light shine upon unsullied hearts and heavenly breezes waft over the bower of the inner reality of illumined souls, awakening and enlightening people of discernment and goodwill.  Now that you have received an abundant share of the spiritual bounties of the days of the Fast and have been more than ever inebriated with the wine of the love of God, it is our hope that in these blessed days, and in spite of numerous hardships, you will be able to take heart from the message of joy and the sweet savours of hope brought by Naw-Rúz and to obtain renewed strength therefrom.


Reflect, during these happy days of spring, on what is taking place in Iran and throughout the world, and observe how your sacrifices, patience, and long-suffering in the face of countless adversities have attracted widespread attention and admiration and have brought forth precious fruits.  One of the most valuable results of your constancy and steadfastness is the awakening of your compatriots to the true history and teachings of the Cause of God, as well as to the Bahá’í way of life and the edifying aims of the Bahá’í community.  As a result, a large number of Iranians have become aware of your innocence and regard Bahá’ís as caring citizens who, inspired by their beliefs, always have Iran’s prosperity and honour in mind and who, in their conduct and behaviour, strive to be heralds of friendship and reconciliation and promoters of unity and harmony.  The awareness gained by the noble-hearted men and women of Iran regarding the verities of the Faith has led many of them to find in the teachings of the Cause a solution to the manifold problems that beset Iran.  Appreciate, then, the significance of this important historical development and render thanks for the bounties of the Lord.  We praise God that you, beloved friends, through reliance on Him and confidence in His confirmations, have found the inner strength and determination to transcend human limitations and, despite harsh and unrelenting injustice, continue to pursue with full resolve your lofty goals.


We supplicate in the Holy Shrines that divine bounties and blessings may ever surround you.

[signed:  The Universal House of Justice]