Messages of the Universal House of Justice

19 May 2008 Message





19 May 2008




To the steadfast and sorely wronged Followers of Bahá’u’lláh in the sacred land of Iran



Dearly loved Friends,


The recent arrest of the esteemed members of the Friends in Iran [the seven believers who coordinate the affairs of the Faith in your country] is yet another sign that the authorities remain unaware of the operation of spiritual forces that can bring about the greatness of that blessed land.  This heedlessness has led the government to subject a group of its most faithful, obedient, capable and innocent citizens to unwarranted scorn and unjustified repression.  You, however, know full well that the invisible Hand of God is at work, that all things are held within the grasp of His power, and all that transpires serves to further His design to infuse new life into the human frame, contributing to the establishment of His divine civilization and the welfare of society.  So it is that you feel no fear before the flames of bitter trial ablaze in the world; you stand firm and staunch in the Cause of God.  You do not allow apprehension and anxiety to take hold of you, nor can any calamity you may face perturb your hearts.  Immovable as the mountain, resplendent as brilliant stars, you carry out your spiritual obligations, in the midst of the present turmoil, with steadfastness, devotion and utmost wisdom.  In the circle of unity you shed light as radiant lamps, and together with your enlightened fellow citizens you strive diligently to revive the land of Iran and make it a most honoured country, that it may become the pride of nations, lauded by all the peoples of the world.


Be assured of celestial confirmations, remain mindful of the Divine exhortations, and as necessary turn to the local Friends for guidance.  In the Holy Shrines we supplicate for your protection and success, and at the Sacred Threshold we earnestly implore that He may “bestow justice upon the rulers, and fairness upon the divines” and transform this iniquity and oppression into peace and tranquillity.


[signed:  The Universal House of Justice]